fools gold

You get the fool’s gold when you have no money left , that is when you find that fool’s gold. Why!? Simple, because that is when you look for it. Past year, as my tolerance level for the college scenario was decreasing and my hunger for just leaving to some uncharted territory increasing, i knew I had to leave. So i picked my accessories(cables,start and stranger and some hashish) and left for the nearest town of Rishikesh, town of hippies and sages. Now at this point i stole some money. Now i did and sold everything else i had apart from my accessories and a pair of clothes. Now, here i was sitting with the stone money and the money from the sold stuff but nuhuh, wasn’t enough for a bottle of rum and some good food at the end of the day.

Now,whats next? I spent my early money pretty carefully, smoking only when i could have a dip in the water of Ganges. Now this water is considered holy and i saw people coming with a faith i never understood. It was for me very simple fact why i chose the Ganges, and it was because it was damn cool. People flocking the river bed sometimes even at mid night, asking for the peace of soul for the dead love,some just performing a ritual. I saw it all sitting neck deep on the lowest of the steps ,smoke engulfing all there is and all there was slowing as the fog starts to settle. I needed some money, so i started to teach. Now this didn’t work so well because well, no one likes a drunk person to teach no matter how he teaches and what he says in return. After one month it did end and i knew it was time for me to move to another city. One which is a bit more drunk n less austere.

With the money from the music classes and science tuition i got myself a nice seat for a train to Goa. The moment i stepped in, i knew i was going to the right place. Everything about the bogey was making me feel i am going to the psyched place i wish to be. Something did ring in my head then as the bogey boy came and asked me for a few drinks. I was still shot of money. But then i thought i still have ample for the train, so i replied with a quarter of old and and keep it coming in every 4 hours . The bogey boy, though he looked young seemed to be well versed in the ways of the free. Each time he brought me new drinks he had something or the other to add for starters. It was a jolly night later as i was smoking up the hashish looking at the shinning waters of the rail side waterfalls. The bogey boy passing said, welcome to Konkan.

I had researched about the place , a lesson i learnt from my last stay and had to get down somewhere midway. There was no train stoppage there,this trip was already knocking it off the floor. The bogey boy knew that stop though, and when i told him about the situation, he said, i will give you 3 minutes max, get out your stuff. The train engine rushed past the starting station post, and then came to a sudden jolt and started to slow(it was never meant to slow down,3 minutes of slow jump and when you are high as fuck) I kept the guitar cross ways like a sword then backpack over it and then anticipated the jump in my state of high. The process too slow but nevertheless it was simple, jump in the direction of the motion and stay on foot and slow your momentum gradually. I somehow managed to jump but i knew life here was going to fast and high. And by high i said to myself, ” damn that’s productive! ”

Now, here i was in Goa , first time, never been before, heard alot, women,drugs,music, ecstasy, raves,churches, beaches,sea, and then more of it. Anyways I hoped into a cab and I got to Calangute, and as I stepped out in Calangute, vroom comes a guy in his Marroned Honda Activa, beard with long shorts and white Tea. I pay and before i turn, he has parked his bike and standing right behind me.

Nasci: Pedro! You lookin for place to stay?

( I for one am easily fooled and i thought goa it is, and what the fuck i get duped before even finding a stay)

Me: yea, How much for the room and where is it? ( now i didn’t know A-hole of the A’s there but just the city name.)

Nasci: Yea! you check the room pedro, money is never an issue. You play guitar? You know Elvis Lobo? He is a good friend, he came to my birthday yesterday. I will help you meet him and till then we both can jam.

Me: Sure. (I knew he wasn’t lying , he helped my get my bags on his Activa and within a couple of minutes, we were at Nacsi’s shack. When i first saw the place(shack and Nasci’s crib behind it) I didn’t know if i could stay there. But I didn’t know what was on Nasci’s mind and that dude, rented me the top floor of his lovely art decorated room for just a 100 bucks of indian currency. Now where was the this fool’s gold? He had earned it all the way till now and today he got mine too. The most fascinating thing about this gold was, we shared it. I even stay for free for the next couple of months. Everyday Nasci’s got me my morning breakfast and he taught me some the best dishes from around the world(you see Nasci was a 41 year old chef who had travelled around the world). And when i was ill and couldn’t perform my music, Nasci’s wife and son helped me with my food and work. He even offered me his vintage 69 strat and a choice among two processors. Oh yes, i had drinks with Lobo too.

I got a lot of things and what i did i do in return, I gave him everything i earned in Goa, from creations to hashish to drinks.



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