random musings of the mind

Now I am sitting in my room, with someone playing Dance of Death in the other room.Well that’s hostel , and even though you sometimes don’t like it you have to respect others freedom.

I surely love dance of Death ,nothing against it. So without further delay let me tell you about these random musings going over in my head. Well it ain’t an all rosy road but last summer I had a 15 minute moment that changed my life. I was sitting in an open restaurant in Bangalore ,smoking my cigarette with some martini and a bread with great south Indian chutneys. I had left 3 jobs within a span of 20 days and was thinking if my desire to play guitar was just an obsession. And let me tell you that I had left my 3 jobs because I thought if I wanted to play music I better do that. So if it was an obsession I was ruining my time. Well at that moment, I overheard the conversation of a few chicks sitting around the corner. They were talking about this music concert on the world music day in the Bangalore School of Music. So without a second thought I went over to them and asked them if they could enlighten me more about it. And in the next couple of hours I was at the venue and I don’t know how but I convinced the conservatory music fellows for a 15 minute performance. They gave me the last slot and I was happy.

You would be thinking what about my decision if it was an obsession or passion. Well I hadn’t made my mind up on that yet. Now there I was at the auditorium on the 21st of June 2015 and it was not that large , more like for an orchestra group rather than for a band. But there were bands that were performing as well. But a couple of days before it I had unexpectedly lost my nerve control in three of my left palm fingers starting from my thumb. It is now that I figured out my decision. I wanted to do it so badly that that last slot where people are just getting up and leaving before you start performing, those unresponsive fingers bowed before the sheer will of passion and hell ya I did get a few people to get back to there seats.

That day I had the best glass of drink and weed of my life in quite a long time.


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