You think So!

what if the clouds were gone and it was always a clear sky

Would you like it that way!

The sun glaring down on us petty figures,

scorching and burning

What if you could never feel the rain!

Do you still think you could amaze at the rainbow!?

What if we fill this world with machines to ease our chores,

Would they feel like we do?

So do not be harsh on us dreamers dear lady,

It is not because we oppose this change

but only tell ourselves what we would face.

Because we all want to live the living and hope

hope originating from a null void

But is it not how the universe came into existence!

This is a special world with still loads of hidden marvels

waiting to be explored and adored

If for a devil like myself there is a fair maiden like you

Curling and rolling and sharing the heat like we do

Then it sure is a special place


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